Archimed offers all-round consultancy service for construction projects and can provide clients who commission construction projects, property owners, and contractors with all the technical consultancy services associated with engineering projects – from the preparatory stage to the completed phase.

In addition to all-round engineering design, this includes requirements analysis, the preparation of project schedules and cost estimates, project supervision and project management during construction, as well as consultancy services for the operation and maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems.

Our service applies, among other things, to Airports, Port Terminals, Banks, Prisons, Courts, Museums, Church/Cathedrals, Residential Housing, Hotels, Villas, Police Facilities, Malls and Commercial Buildings, Sports Centers, Schools and University Centers, Gardens, Dormitories, Geothermal Centers, Trading Centers, Offices, Television Studio buildings and Media Centers, Industrial Buildings, Energy Facilities, Healthcare Centers and Hospitals, as well as all other types of public buildings.