About us

We are an independent company providing a comprehensive range of Engineering services by the excellent work of the staff with over 40 years of combined experience in commercial, industrial, health care and residential design, consulting and commissioning. It was formed to meet an identified need in the marketplace for a specialist company to provide a Designing quality ‘fit for purpose’ engineering service to the targeted industries at reasonable cost.

The Engineering services provided cover the areas of, Supervising and Consulting on the Albanian market and foreign. Each of these areas is seen to be a critical driver in the operation of clients businesses across industry requiring to be addressed in a cohesive way.

The activity of the company is in a big range and with important partners and trust in implementation of the project.


The company is incorporated in Tirana through the expertise of Engineering services established in Albania in 1997.

Through its past activities in the Balkan region, the company acquired substantial technical and financial values to undertake projects of large magnitudes in the engineering fields and to extend its activities to other sectors, namely the industrial one.

The company is a part-owner business, founded by its actual Chairman, a Albanian engineering graduate with over 40 years of experience in engineering oil / gas and energy. The day to day operations of the company are currently managed by himself, also Albanian engineering graduates.

In addition, the management is supported by a well structured team of qualified and experienced design, supervision and consultant engineers, with substantial experience in the architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and hydro-technical contracting field.

In order to achieve the highest quality, performance and time efficiency, the activities are closely monitored and tightly controlled by the Management whose primary objective is to deliver quality services in a timely manner.

Its mission is to “Deliver the highest quality of workmanship and engineering to its clients in a timely manner and through a well organized management of its operations”.

Mission ,Vision and Value

Our core values drive everything we do.

Incorporating these core values in our daily work, and making them an integral part of our culture, is key to our future success.

Our values solidify who we are and what we believe.

Our values are:

  • Uncompromising commitment to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment
  • An open relationship with our employees based on mutual trust, respect and success
  • Transparency, Accountability and Discipline in our business
  • Best in class Risk Awareness
  • Integrity in all we do
  • Financial Responsibility to our clients

Our mission defines what we set out to do each day.

Our mission is:
To safely deliver any project, any time, in any environment for the benefit of our customers, chairman, employees and the communities we serve.

Our vision reminds each of us of what we should be striving for each day and where we ultimately want to be as a company.

Our vision is:
To be the Albanian and future world’s Contractor and Employer of Choice by safely and consistently delivering successful and innovative capital projects and services anywhere in the world’. To that end, our motto or slogan is “‘The challenge is our future, with excellence, teamwork and leadership”.